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Meet Dubrovnik locals - Zuzanna Kazmierczak

Tell us a bit about yourself: where you were born, where do you live, what do you do?

I was born in Poland, but I live in Dubrovnik. I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Croatia. I first visited Pag island as a child and I was terrified (there were no trees in there because of strongBurawind, plus it was right after the war in 90s so a lot of buildings were damaged). I visited Croatia again (to be more specific - Dubrovnik) during studies, this time I fell in love with the place and I decided to move in. I'm here for three years already. On a daily basis I work as a photographer and designer. During summers I also guide tours through beautiful City of Dubrovnik as a licensed tourist guide.

Why do you choose to stay in Dubrovnik? Would you like to stay here in the future, or you would like to move one day?
I chose Dubrovnik out of all Croatian cities because it is truly picturesque and unique. I have a boyfriend who is from Dubrovnik. It is one of the reasons why I'm dwelling here too. I definitely don't plan to move out of here.

What’s your spirit animal?

Cool question! I would definitely say - raven. They are very elegant and skillful. They even know how to use specific tools (I graduated the Academy of Fine Arts and I love crafts too :-)). What is more, ravens can learn how to speak... I'd say, they are sort of multi-lingual haha. I also love studying languages. I graduated Hebrew studies and I speak Polish, Croatian, English, Hebrew, Spanish and a bit of Arabic.
The ravens are individualists but in the time of need they can cooperate with other ravens as well, same as me.

Can you recommend to our readers, what is the best “hidden gem” in Dubrovnik?
Every weekend I take a long walk around the City and even if Dubrovnik is small, I have to admit, almost every time I discover something new! I have an Instagram page unknown_dubrovnik where I share pictures of my discoveries. If you rent a car in Dubrovnik and want to see something rare, my recommendation would be Cape Oštra, the southernmost point of entire Croatia where you can have amazing view: from one side on the open sea and from the other - monumental mountains of Kotor Bay in Montenegro. There are the remains of the 19th century Austro-Hungarian fortress there too! But I don't want to give away too many spoilers :). See it yourself, it's worth it.

And some best places to go out in Dubrovnik?
Here is my suggestion how you can eat your fill and enjoy the day in Dubrovnik: In the morning go to Sesame Restaurant, it's located a bit outside the Old City. It is cozy and beautiful, plus they are among very few places in Dubrovnik that actually serve breakfast (many cafes would serve you only drinks only). For light lunch you should try one of the most authentic places in the Old Town- Buffet Škola the place where the parents and grandparents of all the Dubrovnikans would grab a sandwich. Even today all the locals gather there.
For dinner, you can take a walk to a another neighborhood - Lapad where my favorite fusion restaurant Trinity is! Eventually if you're not tired, go to one of the wine bars e.x. D'Vino where you can try the local Southern Croatian wines and snacks :).

Where would you recommend chasing the best sunset?
My favorite location is the hill near The Votive Church of St Blaise on Gorica. If you go behind this lovely church on the top of the hill, you can see the entire Old City and Lokrum island from afar.

Do you have favorite beach?
There are too many! One of them is Veliki žal (40 min drive from Dubrovnik). Anyway I gave away so many locations, I can show you more in person or follow my Instagram, since there will be some recommendations there as well :).

In your opinion, which part of the town/neighborhood in Dubrovnik is worth of visit except the Old Town?
When you leave the Old City by Ploče gate continue straight for half an hour, you will get to a gorgeous neighborhood called Zlatni Potok (en. golden creek). Don't forget to take a bottle of water with you, especially on a very sunny day.

Where we can find out more about you and your business?
Follow me on Instagram (unknown_dubrovnik), if you want me to take you on a tour in Dubrovnik, you can also contact me directly :)