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Meet Dubrovnik locals - Iris Vuletić

Tell us a bit about yourself: where you were born, where do you live, what do you

I was born and raised in Dubrovnik and I’ve been living in the same house pretty much my
entire life. I’ve spent most of my childhood playing outside and building camps with my
friends, falling down the trees, riding bikes and playing football with the neighborhood kids.
It was great growing up like that…
Early on I discovered I had a talent for drawing and I was lucky enough it actually got
recognized so I continued my education in that direction. I have a masters in Graphic Arts
from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and I’ve spent some of my best years studying,
surrounded with people alike.
I’m a very creative person and I love doing art but unfortunately in Croatia you can’t really
pay the bills as an artist, so I decided to combine my passion of creation with my love of
Dubrovnik and make something unique that’s going to represent the simple beauty of my
hometown, so I created 3D postcards that you can find in selected galleries and souvenir
stores around the city.
Besides creating, I just love educating people and sharing my love and knowledge of
Dubrovnik, so for me, becoming a tour guide was a natural thing to do!

Why do you choose to stay in Dubrovnik? Would you like to stay here in the
future, or you would like to move one day?

I did live in Zagreb for almost 6 years; basically, throughout college but I couldn’t see myself
living there for real, finding a Monday-Friday job and having just a month of vacation to
enjoy the summer seemed like torture to me. Even though I loved the city and its vibe I just
couldn’t live in a place without the sea and the color blue in general. The night sky in Zagreb
is always “milky” and there are no stars. I felt the same while I was living in Madrid… the
sea is something that feeds my soul and Dubrovnik is a place where I belong. On the
fortress of Saint Lawrence which I see every day when I look through my window, there is
an inscription that says “Liberty is not sold for all the gold in the world”. I feel free and
liberated in Dubrovnik so this is definitely where I’ll grow old!

What’s your spirit animal?
I love cats in general, the fact that they are totally independent and have strong and
versatile personalities is why I consider them amazing. They aren’t needy and are perfectly
capable of taking care of themselves. Also, they do enjoy human contact and being petted
(in their own terms); a perfect balance in my opinion which also sums up my personality.
My spirit animal is a special type of cat - a lynx, a mysterious and beautiful feline that enjoys
exploring and roaming the world by itself. Lynxes are solitary, elusive and nocturnal and
therefore rarely spotted by humans. The same applies to me when I’m not working during
the busy season. I love spending time by myself, reading books, being creative and

Can you recommend to our readers, what is the best “hidden gem” in Dubrovnik?
There are thousands of tips and advices on things to do and places to go in Dubrovnik. One
of my favorite places in Dubrovnik is Depozit, an amazing viewpoint of the old town just 400
stairs above the city walls. For some reason it still hasn’t been “discovered” by many tourists,
maybe because of the previously mentioned stairs. I’ve spent my entire childhood playing
there and have some amazing memories regarding this terrace with just a few benches. It

has a special place in my heart but it’s not just any terrace, it was a part of the original
water supply system that brought fresh water to the city from the mid 15 th century and it’s
definitely one of the best places to take photos of Dubrovnik and its surroundings.

And some best places to go out in Dubrovnik?
Dubrovnik is a small town and unfortunately there aren’t that many cool places to go out,
but I’ll list a few of my favorites. I love spending time outside so packed, smoky places are
definitely not going to be on my list. One of my favorites is the Love bar in Gruž that offers a
great terrace with magnificent sunsets, live music and dj sets. Another place where you
could see me are Lazareti and Komarda beach, Micro bar close to the cathedral, beach bar
Dodo, Pirates Social Club in Mlini and a few more, but I can’t tell you all of my secrets ;)

Where would you recommend chasing the best sunset?
The best sunsets are either from Orsula, a viewpoint east of the city or from the top of the
hill Srđ. Sunsets are incredibly colorful in Dubrovnik especially in September and October and
standing on a higher ground overlooking the old town and Elafiti islands gives you a
spectacular experience.

Do you have favorite beach?
My favorite beach in the city is Porporela, not a beach per se, but a breakwater and a
promenade located beneath St. John’s fortress, in the eastern part of the Old town. Since I
mostly work within the Walls and have short breaks between the tours this is a perfect
retreat from the heat and the crowds. Porporela is a well-known local spot where you can go
for a swim, have a cold drink in the shade beneath the walls, meet the locals or even play
some basketball, water polo, table tennis, cards or even a unique local game that combines
the rules of tennis and football known as “nogotenis”.
Besides Porporela, my favorite place to go for a swim, a walk, to read a book or just enjoy
the nature is without a question Lokrum island. I think that every single person in Dubrovnik
has a special bond with the island and it’s considered an oasis of peace and tranquility by the

In your opinion, which part of the town/neighborhood in Dubrovnik is worth of
visit except the Old Town?

Gruž area has often been foreseen but I think that this is the new urban center of Dubrovnik
and definitely worth visiting. Original and innovative contents have started opening their
doors in Gruž area; from the Red History Museum that’s definitely very high on my
recommendations list to Dubrovnik Beer Company and Love Bar.

Where we can find out more about you and your business?
For now, you can find me on Facebook; Risan crafts & tours or simply @RisanDubrovnik.