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Meet Dubrovnik locals - Dalia & Rhubin Herceg

Tell us a bit about yourself: where you were born, where do you live, what do you do?

We are Rhubin & Dalia, sisters who were born in Munich, Germany and moved to our Soul city Dubrovnik beginning of elementary school. We moved around quite a bit for life and work in the past. Rhubin spent a few years in Zagreb where she completed her masters in Fashion design, while Dalia spent a couple of years in Pune and Mumbai, India - getting her masters in Audio-visual production, and working on advertising sets.

Dalia moved back to Dubrovnik to start work with Embassy Films on Game of Thrones, where Rhubin also worked. We then moved around Croatia together for a while with film crews during our ever so exciting time in film production.

During one of our recovery vacations from long production projects we got into yoga and after a few years of film project - yoga recovery- film project cycles decided to start a new chapter and open a yoga studio in Dubrovnik.

Why do you choose to stay in Dubrovnik?

Dalia: Dubrovnik actually snuck back up on me without me noticing. I enjoyed having the balance of a home in a quiet, beautiful and relaxed place while still being able to travel and meet new people through my work. Then an old love flame relit and now I’m married to a seamen and Dubrovnik is our anchor.

Rhubin: Even though I initially wished to stay in Zagreb, things started happening work wise in Dubrovnik. I have started an art project together with 3 good girl friends, who went to the same high school with me and we opened a craft store where we produced our own jewelry, clothing, furniture and other nice handmade products. Then slowly I got into film production and my return to Dubrovnik kind of happened on its own and I figured that I actually feel good being back, enjoying the climate, the sea, the calmness. But I always love going back to Zagreb, I sometimes miss the opportunities and variety the city offers and all my good friends that still live there.

What is your spirit animal?

Dalia: The hummingbird :) It represents my love for life, the feeling of being amazed with the wonders of life and the beauties of the present moment. Like the hummingbird I’m free spirited and resilient but just like the bird which burns a lot of energy during flight need to be reminded to rest and recharge once in a while.

Rhubin: My spirit animal is definitely a horse. Being in the presence of a horse or riding one through the fields of Konavle valley is just an out of this world experience. You feel such freedom, awe and connection at the same time where everything you feel is felt from the animal and his reactions are a reflection of yours.

Can you recommend to our readers, what is the best “hidden gem” in Dubrovnik?

We would agree that there are many and it’s the people not the places. The beauty of the city its surrounding countryside is awe striking but we believe that what makes the experience of Dubrovnik so special are the stories of the people who live here in the past and the conversations with the locals who are its present. We love being in nature so definitely point with beautiful vistas are something that feeds our soul. Looking at the sunset and the ‘’Grebena’’ island from the rocks under Levanat restaurants, hiking up to ‘’Mala Petka’’ and watching the horizon from the forrest, park ‘’Orsula’’ with the view o the Old town and Lokrum island, the countryside with Pasjaća beach in Konavle etc. The list is loooong :D

Best places to go out in Dubrovnik?

There is no right answer to this - it depends on what you yourself enjoy the most and what the definition of going out for you is. Going out could be taking a sunset stroll around Lapad bay, getting wobbly on your feet and cheerful in the wineries of Peljesac or galloping through the Konavle valley and river on horseback.

Or going out could mean having a few drinks on the sunset terrace of Love Bar tuned in to some live music or a great DJ set, having a cocktail at Micro bar behind the Cathedral after a chilled day on Lokrum island, or dancing till sunrise on Komarda beach at Lazareti.

Where would you recommend to chase nicest sunset?

Everywhere - hahahahha. Any elevated spot or close to sea location will do the trick - Dubrovnik just serves you with the most amazing sunsets almost every day. An idea for a crazy adventurous sunset would be enjoying one as the superman zipping down The Wire - Dubrovnik's super long zip-line over the cost from Brgat to old Hotel Belvedere.

Do you have a favourite beach?

We are like those crazy chamois goats, always looking for a nice spot on the cliffs. Most of them don’t have names, nor actual paths leading to them. But for actual beach-lovers there are sooooooooo many in and around Dubrovnik - go out, explore, if you’re going to the same beach twice you’re definitely missing out on other ones that are just as great.

In your opinion, which part of the town/neighborhood in Dubrovnik is worth of visit except the Old Town?

Dalia: Lokrum island - it’s a place that always has an air of stillness and chill no matter how busy it actually gets.

Rhubin: Sitting in front of St. Blasé church during summer evenings, enjoying the crowds and music , and on the contrary escaping into the silence of the countryside of Konavle valley or the cliffs of Konavle, switching off without mobile reception and just being in the moment.

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