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Meet Dubrovnik locals - Antea Mlinarić

1. Tell us a bit about yourself: where you were born, where do you live, what do you do?

Hi there, nice to meet You! J

My name is Antea, born & raised in Dubrovnik and I like to travel and explore new places and cultures. I can only thank God every day when I wake up to have that privilege to be born in this magnificent town. Currently, I live in rural area which is 7 min drive from the town. I enjoy coexistence with nature manufacturing gastro souvenirs with the man I love. My wish is to present to the people who visit the Town the richness, taste and aroma of the Dubrovnik area, to offer them something that evokes the emotion and memory of the time spent here in the form of handmade wooden packaging of infused olive oil, spices and liquors produced on our little farm in Župa Dubrovačka.

2. You mentioned that you like to travel. Why do you always come back to Dubrovnik? Would you like to stay here in the future, or you would like to move one day?

As a great travel lover, tireless explorer and adventurer, I strive to see and try as many things as possible, push boundaries and grow. During each of my travels, my desire to stay here grows. As a student, I would often go on student exchanges and try to find myself somewhere away from my home. I can only say that I’ve realized on time in what kind of paradise we live in and now I just want to convey that emotion and experience of the Town to others, locals and our guests. Not only the Town, but the whole region is warm and peaceful, safe for living, rich history, developed gastronomy, rich in water and fields. It is not surprising that it’s known as the “Adriatic Pearl” and the whole area as “the Heaven on earth.” I absolutely love living here.

3. What’s your spirit animal?

You know what — I have never thought about it before you asked me this question. I am intrigued. There is one animal which symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability. One of the most important symbolic meanings is: Independence. One of my biggest fears after cats is dependence. Boundaries, deadlines and pressure kill creativity and ruin the beauty of living. Lightness of being, enjoyment of life, adapting to new environments very quickly and being able to travel great distances tirelessly is certainly something that describes me. So, I definitely confirm that my spirit animal is hummingbird. I really like it.

4. Can you recommend to our readers, what is the best “hidden gem” in Dubrovnik?

In my opinion, the most beautiful hidden places are in the surrounding area - on the Elafiti islands nearby and on the completely unexplored and wild peninsula Pelješac, a gastro heaven well known for oysters, red wine and olive oil. The hidden coves preserve the beauty, away from the crowds, with the smell of pine in the natural shade you can feel the lightness of being.

5. And some best places to go out in Dubrovnik?

There are plenty of places around the city to have fun, depends on the taste. Some of my favorite places to go are:

Daily cocktails, chilling: beach bar Dodo, Pirates Social Club Gusar, Buža bar.

Casual evenings: Winery Škar, Love bar, Dubrovnik Beer Company
Nightlife: Culture Club Revelin
Restaurants: restaurant Belvedere, Bistro Revelin, restaurant Sorgo in Ston.

6. Where would you recommend chasing the best sunset?

If you’re not in the mood climbing aboard the 16th-century wooden ship “Karaka” for a romantic sunset dinner cruise, which would be my choice no1. for sure, I would recommend Park Orsula. It’s not that well known panorama spot, because of the cable car that drops you at the top of mountain Srđ in a few minutes, which is very popular. This place is no less valuable, but is certainly less crowded. Park Orsula is a breathtaking hotspot, well worth the mild hike. Perfect for a sunset picnic.

7. Do you have favorite beach?

Absolutely! My favorite beach are the rocks of Lokrum Island. I like to swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear sea around the Island and away from the city’s crowded beaches. When I have enough free time to spend all day swimming, my choices are coves along the peninsula Pelješac I mentioned earlier.

8. In your opinion, which part of the town/neighborhood in Dubrovnik is worth of visit except the Old Town?

After the Old town, which is the heart of Dubrovnik, Lapad is worth a stroll through. The long promenades along the sea, pedestrian zone, beaches and accompanying facilities certainly have something for everyone. I always recommend exploring outside the tourist areas, everything beautiful can be seen there as well.

9. Where we can find out more about you and your business?

For now, you can follow us on social networks and come up for tasting at our place anytime. Webpage is still in progress, we'll let you know when it's done. J